Finding Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis entails a situation whereby an individual suffers from coexisting mental illness and alcohol or drug addiction. It is prudent to note that individuals with dual diagnosis make up the largest percentage of individuals struggling with substance abuse. However, little is known about the condition of these individuals outside professional circles.

Statistics show that over half of individuals abusing alcohol or drugs have at least one mental disorder. In addition to this, more than a quarter of individuals with an alcohol abuse problem have more than one mental disorder. It is also worth noting that more than a third of individuals with mental disorders also have substance abuse problems.

This fact highlights the gravity of the situation. It is worth noting that prison facilities have high numbers of dual diagnosis individuals. This group of people is at high risk of committing suicide, compared with individuals who only have a substance abuse problem. There are different forms of mental disorders that are associated with dual diagnosis individuals.

Finding Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities lay a lot of emphasis on helping the addict kick their addiction, but these treatment facilities do not usually have the expertise to address the psychiatric aspects of the addict’s problems. Dual diagnosis individuals require integrated care. Integrated care encompasses treatment from a range of professionals including addiction counselors and psychiatrists.

A good number of integrated care facilities in the US encompass a number of treatment approaches. For starters, these integrated treatment centers are often likely to use motivational enhancement therapies to help the dual diagnosis individual to recover.

Secondly, these integrated treatment centers also encompass the use of readiness to change approaches, which go a long way in helping the individual accept change. Other treatment approaches provided by these integrated treatment facilities include long-term comprehensive interventions and counseling and support services, among others.

It is worth noting that dual diagnosis treatment can be long-term, extending for a period of years. This can be attributed to the fact that dual diagnosis treatment goes at a pace which the dual diagnosis patient is comfortable with, integrating various facets of psychiatric and medical treatment. Some of the best known treatment centers in the US that provide integrated care for dual diagnosis individuals are the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers.

There are two treatment centers in California and another in Tennessee. These treatment centers are also recognized globally because of the individualized integrated care that dual diagnosis individuals are accorded. Other dual diagnosis treatment centers from which dual diagnosis individuals can seek treatment include Michael House, Del Mar, Founders Associates, Elements Behavioral Health, Casa Palmera, The Canyon Rehab Centre, Foundations Atlanta and La Paloma Treatment Center, among others.

These dual diagnosis treatment centers also provide a wide range of treatment programs including inpatient, outpatient and after-care programs.

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